Craziest Homes

Craziest Homes

In the world full of modern, contemporary and high rises there are a few houses that stand out from the others.

In this blog you will get to know some of the world’s craziest homes. From a transparent house in Japan to a Dr. Seuss house in Alaska.

1. Transparent house

The transparent house also referred to as the “House NA” is located in Tokyo, Japan. This house is 914 sq. ft. While this house offers a great deal of natural light with its all glass design, it offers very little privacy. The house is made of 21 floor plates that are connected by stairs or ladders.

enter image description here Photography by: Iwan Baan

2.The Flintstones House

The Flintstones was a show created in 1960. The Flintstones family lived in the stone age. Their house was a orange stone house that resembled balloon like structure. In Hillsborough, California an architecture has created a look alike of the house from the 1960’s cartoon. This house was an experimental house built in 1976. To achieve the round balloon like rooms the structure was made from steel rebar and wire mesh frames made over large inflated balloons. These structures were then sprayed with a high velocity concrete. The house was originally white but was then painted a burnt orange making it look like the Flintstones house. enter image description here Photo credits: Blmurch

3. Boeing 727-200

Most people think of being in the sky flying somewhere warm or exciting when they hear the words boeing 727-200. However, in Hillsboro, Oregon this has a whole different meaning. In Hillsboro there is a boeing 727-200 that has been converted into a house. Most of the original equipment was used in the process. The wings now double as a deck. The bathroom of the plane is still in working condition and the cockpit is now used as a reading room. This house is 1066 sq ft and is a great size for a studio “apartment”.

enter image description here 4. Upside down house

In Trassenheide, Germany the upside down house is located. This house is exactly as it sound. From the outside to the inside everything but the stairs is upside down. In german this house is referred to as “die welt steht kopf” which translates to “the world stands on its head”. As amazing as this house sounds, it is not practical to live in and it used as a tourist attraction. enter image description here 5. The world’s thinnest home The world’s thinnest home is located in Warsaw, Poland. It is located between two different. At the widest point it is 152 cm (60in) and 92cm (35in) at its smallest. In Fact, according to Euromax the house is too small to be considered a residence by polish law. This small house doesn’t lack anything. There are two floors, one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. Could you live here? enter image description here

6. Dr. Seuss House

Dr. Seuss is known for his crazy ideas within his children's books. In Willow, Alaska a man wanted a house with a view. When he built this house it was at a time where the trees were just starting to grow. As the trees grew taller the view disappeared. To solve this problem he just added more and more floors. In the end it was between 14 to 17 floors and 185 feet tall. enter image description here

7. Home on The Rocks

This home was inspired by a group of swimmers. While swimming they found a large rock in the middle of the river where they rested. They wanted something more comfy so they came up with the idea of building a house on the rock. In Serbia a one bedroom house is situated on top of a rock in the middle of a river. The materials had to be transported in by boat or kayak and the pieces that were too large were sent floating down and caught downstream. This house gives a whole new meaning to a room with a view. enter image description here

8.Wooden Skyscraper

When you hear the word skyscraper most think of the large condos or business buildings in the city. In Arkhangelsk, Russia a 13 story 144 foot tall wooden skyscraper was built. It first stated out with three floors but they thought it looked like a mushroom so he kept adding to it. Eventually it turned into 13 stories. In 2008 it was then condemned as a fire hazard and was ordered to be destroyed. enter image description here

9. Lego house

How many Lego pieces do you think it would take to build a livable house? 3.3 million pieces it took a man to build a house in Dorkin, U.K.. This home is 20 ft. tall with a working toilet and shower. It also has a very uncomfortable bed. This house was built in the middle of a winery and was free for the taking to anyone who would come move it. enter image description here

  1. Mr. toilet House

In Suwon, South Korea Sim Jae-Duck was known for his obsession with healthy latrines. He was actually named Mr.Toilet. He demolished his home in 2007 and built his new house that was named Haewoojae which translate to “a house to satisfy anxiety”. Restrooms in Korean Temples are referred to this. The house is shaped as a large toilet. Since Sim’s passing, it has been turned into a very popular museum. enter image description here What kind of house will be next? Perhaps a livable gingerbread house or a rocketship house!

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