Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips

Keeping your home safe is always important. Check out these safety tips to make sure your house is ready.


  • Have smoke detectors on every level or your home and outside all sleeping areas

  • Replace smoke detector batteries twice a year when you set your clocks forward

  • Never leave a candle unattended

  • Double check you appliances have been turned off

  • Clean your dryer vent after every use

  • Have your fire number or street number visible from the road

  • Have a fire plan that all of your family members know about

  • Know all of the possible exits

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Leave curtains and plastic away from stove top

  • Leave space around appliances for ventilation

  • Never leave sharp objects unattended

  • Keep electrical cords away from water

  • Use non-slip floor mats in the bathroom

  • Less clutter

  • Store all cleaners is locked areas

  • Try using back burners when cooking on the stove


  • Make sure all locks are in working order

  • Install a home security system

  • Dogs are a great security tacktick

  • Don’t leave a digital footprint (turn your location settings off, don’t announce when you away on vacation)

  • Always check through a peephole or window before opening the door

  • If you are away for long periods of time have someone upkeep your lawn. If it is left too long intruders will know you are not home.

Moving into a new home

  • Change the locks

  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Having a good relationship with your neighbour is important.

  • Install and outdoor light

  • Remind your kids this is a new neighbourhood with new faces

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