Is A Tiny Home Right For You?

Is A Tiny Home Right For You?

A new and upcoming trend is tiny homes. Would you consider downsizing your belongings and moving into something smaller?

There are many advantages when moving into a tiny home. The expenses are much lower when living in a tiny home. In fact, studies say that a full size home is almost 10 times more than a tiny home would be. Having a lower expense could potentially eliminate a mortgage and mortgage payments. Another factor that will be cheaper than a full size home is the amount of energy used. A tiny home will use significantly be cheaper to run. Not only is the price an advantage, but a simpler life comes with a tiny home. There is less to worry about, less to clean and less upkeep. A tiny home can be moveable giving you the freedom to move and travel wherever you want.

Although there are many advantages with a tiny home, like everything, there are disadvantages. With a tiny home come less space. It can be hard for people to get rid of the things they love because there is no room for them. Although tiny homes can have unique storage options, there isn't a lot of space to store your things. Another disadvantage with a tiny home is entertainment space. If you are someone who loves to entertain people, a tiny home may make that hard. Unless you are entertaining guests outside, there isn't much space to have people over.

So, do you think you are ready to pack up your belongings and move into a simpler life?

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