Renovation Tips

Renovation Tips

Home renovations can be a great way to add value to your home. There are many things to take into consideration when planning to renovate your home.

1.Have a plan

Always have a plan. Renovations can be very costly and time consuming. Starting out with a plan will help keep you on track as much as possible.

2. Long-term

Be sure to take into consideration the long-term effect of this renovation. Will it cost you more in the end, will you need to make more repairs? Or will this benefit you.

3. Do you research

You want to find the best help when renovation your home. Ask for recommendations from friends and family members. Ask your local neighbours to see if they have someone they would recommend or not recommend. Google is another great place to find reviews about different companies. Remember, just because it is a larger company doesn't always mean they are better!


Get multiple quotes from people. Don’t just settle because it is the first your find.

5. Contract

Once you have selected the team to renovate your house make a contact. The contact needs to included: the address of your home, a start date, a completion date and it needs to lay out what is going to be done and what is not going to be done. Have a contact will help you if something goes wrong during the renovation. enter image description here 6. Backup

Living in a renovation area can be very difficult especially if it is your kitchen. A great idea is to have a backup kitchen set up away from the construction. Have a refrigerator and microwave oven and crock pot, so you can continue making small meals at home.


During a renovation many people will be coming and going from your house. To e on the safe side it is a good idea to remove your valuables so they don’t get lost or taken.

8. Communication

Communication is key. Be sure to talk to your contractors about what you want. Tell them if you don’t like something, because once its done it will cost you to change it.

9. Open space

If you are thinking of renovation and already have things torn up it might be a good idea to think of opening up your living space. Open concept is a big seller with new homeowners. It is easier to open up your space while already under construction. This could add even more value to your property! enter image description here 10. Never underestimate the cost

Never underestimate the cost of renovating your house, especially if you are living in an older house. Although older houses have great charm, you have no idea what could be hidden when you start taking walls back. This could run into problems during the renovation and end up costing you way more than expected.

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