Selecting a Moving Company

Selecting a Moving Company

After you have sold your property it is time to move to your new one. If you have a lot of belongings coming to the new property it would be very hard for you to move it all yourself. Your belongings are important to you so it is important to trust the people moving it.


When looking for a moving company it is always good to get recommendations. Asks your friends or coworkers if they have used any. Look at reviews online of companies in your area. Research multiple companies to compare before choosing the right one. Look for companies who are licensed and insured.


Be sure to show everything you want moved when they are coming to give you a quote. Have everything in writing so you have proof if needed. Have a written list of the movers inventory.


Before everything is moved take pictures of stairways and doorways in case of damage while items are being moved.


Let the movers know ahead of time of the moving condition in your new property. Is it a multi-story building? Are they placing the furtanture in one room for you to move yourself or do you have specific places for each item.


Always ask about extra fees. If you are moving from a 2-story home into a 10th floor apartment there could be an extra fee because it is “harder” to move. Narrow streets that the van wont fit in could be an extra fee. It is important to know about these ahead of time so you are not surprised in the end.


Questions to ask the company:

  • Will they wrap and protect your furniture or do you?
  • How many movers will there be?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will it be over a day?
  • Will there be an extra charge if they take longer than expected?
  • Will there be a delivery window?
  • Will your things be combined with others?


Having a good moving company will make your move easier.

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