Top 10 House Cleaning Tips

Top 10 House Cleaning Tips

A clean house is a great way impress buyers and renters. Check out these top 10 cleaning tips to make your house sparkle!

1. Screen doors

Are your screen doors full of dust or pet hair? Use a lint roller on your screen doors to gather all of the dust and hair!

2. Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal are a great addition to any kitchen however, they get dirty very quick which may cause you kitchen to smell. While the disposal is off use a toothbrush to get into the small hard to reach spots making it shiny new.

3. Baseboards

Are your baseboards full of dust and dirt? Using a dryer sheet is a great way to collect the dust and remove the static.

4. Faucets

Do you have watermarks on your faucet that you can't seem to get off? Using wax paper will give your faucet shine as if they were new!

5. Sponges

Are your getting dirty and grimy? Instead of tossing them after one use throw them in the microwave for 90 while they are damp and this will reduce up to 99% of the bacteria. enter image description here 6. Blinds

We often don’t realize how dirty our blinds get until we are up close. Because they are so tall it is hard to reach the top to clean. Using the small soft head of your vacuum is a great way to reach the top giving them a good clean.

7. Mop

Your mop can be full of bacteria that you will be spreading all over the house. It is important to replace your mop head after every use of through it in the wash to stop spreading bacteria throughout your house.


Dryer sheets have multiple uses. Use you dryer sheet to get the stuck on grime on your pans and it will slide right off.

9. Couch

Have old stains on your couch? Try using shaving cream to remove the stains! Put a tiny bit where the stain is located and let it settle. Then blot it slowly to remove the stain.

10.Mirrors and Windows

Out of Windex or window cleaner? No problem!! Use a coffee filter to take the streaks off of your windows and mirrors!

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