What are New Homeowners Looking For in a Home

What are New Homeowners Looking For in a Home

What are new homeowners looking for in a home

Over the years things people are looking for in a home have changed. A lot of young home buyers are wanting similar things. But what are they?

Open concept

Open concept is on a lot of peoples wish lists. This allows the home owners to entertain their guest easier. Not only is it easier to entertain, it is great for a family. Having an open concept allows for site lines to watch the children from all over the house.

Outdoor living

Entertainment is a huge part of owning a home. Having a great outdoor space allows people to entertain in and out of their home.


The newest thing is to have a technology smart home. A technology smart home allows you to manage your home with quick to use features on a smartphone. Some examples of smart home technologies are: Smart TVs (connect to the internet and can be used with your smartphone) Smart Thermostats (allows homeowners to control their temperature from their smartphones or follow a schedule) Smart Security Cameras (monitor their homes from any device while they are not home) Smart Kitchen Appliances (can have coffee makers that will brew as soon as an alarm goes off, fridges that keep track of expiration dates)

Upgraded features

Many homeowners are wanting upgraded features. A lot of these features take place in the kitchen or bathroom. Features include: Granite countertops Stainless steel appliances Walk-in showers Hardwood floors Ensuite bathrooms Bars

Home office

Many jobs that are available to people give them the option of working from home. Having a home office is a great way to attract buyers who work from home.


Location is a huge part of a homeowner’s choice. A lot of looking for: Good schools Parks Close to restaurants Some homeowners prefer the suburbs, and some prefer the city.

Energy efficient

Along with technology, having an energy efficient home is a new want for buyers. Many people are now realizing how important it is to save energy. You can help save energy in your home by: Adding solar panels New window/doors Using energy efficient appliances

Pet features

Pets are a big part of people's lives. According to NBC News studies show that 33% of millennial home buyers’ are making the decision to purchases a home because of their pets. So, what are these pet lovers wanting in a home? Yard space A dog bath Outdoor showers for their pets

There are many things people are looking for in a home these days. Will you home stand out to others?

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