What CasaVue Offers!

What CasaVue Offers!

Are you wanting to sell your property for the best price possible?


We offer three different packages to help you succeed at selling your house. Each package has different benefits.


Our first package is our Beginners Package. This package is offered for $49 a month. There are many things that come with this package to help you start selling your house.


A virtual lawn Sign and property website is generated after you have made your listing. Both features are included in this package. Your property website and virtual lawn sign will be the forefront of your online marketing.


We also offer analytics with the beginner package. Analytics can be very helpful when selling your property. With this tool you will be able to see how many people have visited your property website and when. But why is this a benefit to you? Knowing how many people have visited your site and when will allow you to know if you have marketed your property enough. If multiple people are seeing your website then you have done a great job of getting your listing out there. This will also allow you to know if your website has not got out to enough people. Knowing your website has not reached enough people will indicate you need to do more marketing. So what does it mean if people are seeing your website but you have no bites on your property? Try changing up your listing or add more photos. It is also important to make sure your contact information is correct. Maybe they have been trying to contact you at the wrong number.


Another important feature offered is a walk score index. By verifying your address this will allow us to have a walk score created for your property. A walk score will give the buyer information on how walkable your property is. Will they need a car run errands? Or will they be able to walk to shops and restaurants nearby.


Our second package is the most popular package- the Sell Fast Package. We offer this package for only $99 a month. Not only do you receive everything in the beginners package but you also will have three new features making it even easier to sell your property!


In this package we will help you generate a listing to post on Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place to have your listing posted. We use your Virtual Lawn Sign and from there we create the perfect Craigslist post.


It is just as important to market online as it is offline. With this package you will receive a physical lawn sign. A physical lawn sign is important because it allows buyer who are not looking online to know your house is available. Many buyers will drive around the neighbourhood they are interested to see what is available. We have made it very easy for these buyers to receive more information about your property with SMS marketing.


SMS marketing is a fantastic feature included in this package. So many people are using their mobile device why not use it for marketing? SMS marketing allows the potential buyer to simple text your vuecode to the number 313131. This will then send them a link to your property website!


The third package we offer is our premium selling package. It has it all. Everything from the previous packages are included and more. You will have access to step by step sales and marketing help, virtual walk through tour and a custom YouTube commercial.


Wanting to make your website stand out from others? You now have access to a professional youtube commercial and open house walk tour. You will now have your property posted on the world’s largest video community. A property commercial will allow buyers who prefer to listen to information rather than reading it. We will edit the video, add sound, and display it on your listing website so buyers can get the real feel of your home. A walk through will allow buyers to physically move through your property within the comfort of their own home. A walk through tour gives the potential buyer a feel for the layout of your property.


The more tools you have when selling your property the easier it will be. Take full advantage of the tools offered and choose the package that best suits you.


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